Tips on What to Do When Your Online Casino Account is Blocked

Tips on What to Do When Your Online Casino Account is Blocked

Logged in and you see your online casino account get blocked? Far more terrible, your account has been blocked with all your winnings blocked as well! Don’t worry, there are some ways to get it back fully operational and that is the thing that this article is all about.

Playing at your preferred online casino is definitely fun not until you experience an issue. We can never deny the fact that some issues do exist especially when we do something online. So how are you gonna deal with it? Here are some tips for you.

Don’t Panic!

First, don’t panic. Try not to open the live chat and quickly express your anger because the odds are, you’re simply going to make the situation worse or delay it. If this happens, stay calm. Try not to express prompt outrage. Know that there are solutions to unlock your online casino account.

Know the reasons for blocking your account

It may be normal that once in a while you could encounter online casino account handling issues and there could be numerous reasons why this happens as well. It doesn’t completely imply that your blocked online casino account will remain locked for good. It could be something basic that has locked your account.

Knowing the reasons why your online casino account could be blocked is the main solution to getting it unblocked and there are a few reasons why this could occur.

  1. Verification issues
  2. log in attempts failure
  3. Detected Duplicate account
  4. Violation of terms and conditions
  5. Fraudulent activity or giving fraudulent information
  6. Underage

The list may not be definitive but all you have to remember is that your online casino accounts are not the same. There could be more reasons possible, yet these are the common ones. Online casinos have their own sets of rules and policies so we can only emphasize that you have to comprehend the terms and conditions of all online casinos that you play in to prevent these issues.

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Contact the casino’s customer support team       

 Ideally, online casinos like dewapoker have a live chat service as this will be the quickest and easiest way to get your account opened. However, some online casinos don’t have this live chat facility so you’ll have to email or call them. As mentioned above, staying calm should be your initial step. So don’t express your immediate anger when you contact the casino’s customer support.

Customer assistance will be the one to tell you why your account has been blocked. And of course, they will be able to assist you in unlocking it.

However, sometimes things might be somewhat more complicated. Remember that it is not constantly possible to get a blocked account opened again. For instance, you breached the terms and conditions or more, having a duplicate account, then you have the high possibility of that online casino account getting permanently blocked. And if it is a breach of terms and conditions, you will not be able to win your case.

Present a complaint through complaints service

In the event that your online casino account has been unreasonably blocked without resolution after contacting the customer support, You should file a complaint following the online casino’s complaint service. You may be asked to provide certain information with supporting proof or evidence to speed up the process.

Contact the casino’s licensing agency

If all else fails, this step will be your very last step– contact the casino’s licensing agency and the casino can provide you with more details on this. Remember to stay calm and be patient.